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ZetPol International is the middle size (the right size) successful, Professional and International Company. We employ most qualified highly-motivated staff, to give all our customers the best support in newest technology. We know how to develop Business, specific Project and do the Marketing. Any new concept, suggested by our members or customers, or any fresh ideas with implementing newest technology, we develop to practical use for advantage of all. Any aspect of growing your business, we can take care off.

We mostly concentrate on Engineering Applications and Process Control, but we have capacity and qualified staff to take responsibility of most difficult project. We do Consultations, Designing, Management, Trainings for your staff and Implementation of Projects. Website, E-Commerce, Accounting, Stock Control, Engineering and Architecture Designs.

Every division (section) of our activity, which you can browse by selecting of our web pages, we take serious care. Very often, we are doing a lot of new changes, so please understand, as this is to your advantage to keep up with newest development. Every day we do everything possible to give you advice and support, keeping in mind: "If you are in good professional hands and we will help you to grow your business, we are in business too". Our Company concentrates to deliver the best professional service in every activity of our business. I am personally responsible to control and deliver, to give everyone the best service possible, so if you open any section of our web pages, you will find detail information about the product and services we do. As many our satisfied customers know, we cover quite long range of our services. At the left side of the screen, you can select specific section of your interest. Some of these sections are for the dealers and members only. If you want to do business with us, or just want to be in contact with us, please feel free to send us your details, and we will contact you in short time possible. Please select Contact Us. When we will have your contact details, we will be able to send you other info and materials, to get you started right away.

Many our Customers are very excited about our new Patent pending Zetpol Property and Zetpol BM© (Zetpol Business Marketing) System. I am quite satisfied with this new achievement as well, so if you want to be part of our very powerful and profitable business, please click Zetpol Property and register yourself as User or as Agent. Fill form with your details and we will be glad, to send you more information and instructions, what to do next. Accepting Agreement of "Doing Business OnLine" will be also appreciated. Our success can be your success as well. Invest in new technology ... invest in yourself. Knowledge is the power! Knowledge is the future!

Yours Sincerely,
Zbigniew Patela, M.Sc.
Managing Director, CEO


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Knowledge, experience, constant implementation of new technology, high quality professional service, deliver with value and solid competitive price, that is my vision to stay in the business for the long time with very grateful my supportive stuff and all our customers.

Zbigniew Patela, M.Sc.
Managing Director, CEO

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