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Zetpol International is a long time establish, Professional Engineering Consulting Company. We are long time in this professional business. Originally we started in 1986. At this time, there has been needs to develop Designing Office. We concentrated mostly on Mechanical, Electrical, Civil Engineering, Construction, Pipelines and Architectural Projects. We trained many new Draftsmen and Design Engineers. As new technology progress, we implemented one of the first IBM compatible computers in CAD Applications. We also developed our ZbyCAD Software, which was fully written in C+. For us this was very big achievement and good start for future grow. All these activities turn us to Computers, Plotters, Digitizers, Screens and Dot Matrix Printers. We came to be Computer Hardware and Software Dealer under the name of Draftkrys Design & Draughting C.C.

In years 1989 - 2006 we was very much involved not only in designing, but also in execution of Projects. Process Control, SCADA Systems (Adroit, Citect), PLC, Programming and many others, were very challenging but successful Projects. Shortage of qualified Professional Engineers was big, difficult and challenging task, where we manage it to make our success. We never was to big, but always strong Professional Company. The Process Control was very important part of our activity and our success.

In 1994 the new Company "ZetPol International" has been born. At the beginning, the main activity of this new Company was Export and Import only. A lot of time and effort has been spent on International Marketing. We were well known in Europe, USA, Taiwan, South Africa and Poland. Many changes, growing up and reducing down. A lot of changes, together with political changes (South Africa) have been made. We have grown to the size, as we can not properly control our activity. We had good and difficult time as well.

Our success, growth and management of both Company: "Draftkrys Design and Draughting C.C." and "Zetpol International" puts us to test to make difficult decision. Which direction to go? Shortage of qualified staff and limited financial sources forced us to make decision, which only time will judge, if this was the right decision. The implementation of new technology had important influence on our decisions for the future. In 2002 we decided to close Draktkrys Design, which accelerate, gave support and tremendous growth of our new Company - Zetpol International. All task and projects has been taken over by new Company - Zetpol International.

As we are now today, we are very strong going direction of international Export/Import, Marketing of many products including Computers and Property Business. Engineering, Mechanical, Process Control, PLC, SCADA, Electrical, Civil Engineering, Construction, Pipelines and Architectural Projects are very much to our interest. We developed patent pending ZetPolBM©® Marketing System, which got big support in Europe and USA. At present, we concentrate to implement this System in other part of the World including Poland and South Africa, giving chance to generate extra income through job opportunity.

We are dedicated professional Company, providing you with the best Computer Hardware and Software, Components, Peripherals and Excellent Service. We only employ top qualified staff ... otherwise we don't employ at all. We are constantly monitoring the performance of computer equipment and sourcing the best parts from our selected suppliers. Branded names are leading products, which our customers are happy about. ZetPol International is an accumulation of many, many years of experience in the IT, Back-end and Front-end industry and many year of Business and Property Marketing and Property Sales Experience.

We have very save and secured E-commerce System, which allow us to make transaction 24/7 on the net in the best suitable time for every customer. Our service has no boundary of the country borders, which mean, we do business internationally by Internet and our Offices in other country. If you are serious about business we do, we like you to contact us and get mutual benefit of your professional co-operation. If you want to be our Customer or Business partner, so please feel free to get closer contact with us.

Zetpol International
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