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Dubai, most breathtaking buildings and prestigious projectsZetpol Property form part of bigger International Company - Zetpol International. We concentrate on all type of residential, private and commercial properties, resorts, acreages, property developments and businesses. We like to welcome everyone visiting us here, as we can serve not only local but national and international customers as well. We use our resources and newest technology, to be in touch with all our customers and business partners. We mostly concentrate on the Property Market in USA, Europe, East Europe (like Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria),Middle East and South Africa, but as our organization is growing, we can reach many other places as well. We use our ZetpolBM Marketing System, which grows almost every day, so practically we have no boundary of our activity. We can say, we can help our customers where ever they are.

Under the leadership of our Managing Director, Zbigniew Patela, we developed one of the best in the world patent pending Marketing System – ZetpolBM. Very advanced in technology, but easy to use for every individual and Real Estate Agent (Realtor). If you like to join our forces, please Register yourself as User or if you are Real Estate Agent (Realtor), please Register yourself as Agent. For more information, contact Zetpol Property by selecting "Contact Us" on the top right side of this page.

LasVegas, beautiful Investment PropertyThe National and International Property market has consistently produced an attractive rate of return for investors. Despite difficult economy time during last few years, we still manage good return for our Customers. South Africa (Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Knysna, George, Johannesburg, Pretoria) and Middle East - United Arab Emirates (UAE) – (Dubai, Jeddah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi), Spain, Poland and Bulgaria.  Although most people realize, that they should invest in Property to diversify their investment portfolio, they rarely have time to undertake the necessary due diligence required to provide the very best returns.

Having identified a need in the market place for this specific service, Zetpol International made steps and arrangements towards needs of our customers. Today, the company has a global investor base of several clients and offers properties from regions as diverse as Europe, USA, UK, Namibia, South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Choose the best vacation for your FamilyZetpol Property offers an end-to-end solution for clients like you, who want to build a portfolio of Residential Properties, both nationally and internationally. Starting with a one-to-one investment appraisal, we identify your needs and objectives – you may want a property that produces a positive cash flow from Rental income, or you may prefer a short term investment for capital growth. Alternatively, you may be looking for a combination of the two. Whatever your investment goals, the appraisal will help us understand your requirements and enable us to make suitable recommendations.

We understand that clients come from varied financial backgrounds with different investment objectives. So, whether you are a UK, Europe, South Africa, Dubai or USA resident, non resident or expatriate investing in a Buy-To Let property, purchasing a holiday home, or buying a hideaway to retreat from the stresses of everyday life, Zetpol International can assist you in finding the right property. Being an independent consultancy, we are not tied to any particular developer or construction company and are able to offer clients unbiased advice on locations, standards of construction, capital growth and rental yields across a large cross section of properties.

Las Vegas beauty for the new OwnerAt Zetpol Property, we know how important it is, that we not only find you the best investment, but we also walk you through the whole process. Apart from sourcing the property, our services include arranging inspection trips and reservations, through to exchange and completion. Our professional associates handle the entire legal process and can arrange finance for you if necessary. Once you purchase your property, we can further assist with lettings and management through local agents, furnishing and maintenance, and even a resale. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent customer service, and ensure that our team of experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of the regions they specialize in.

The expertise that we continue to develop is recognized by a broad spectrum of clients from first time buyers to private investors and companies. We work hard at utilizing our knowledge and skills to broaden our investor base and always aim to provide an unrivaled level of service, both to existing and new clientèle.

We mean Business! All Europe, Spain, USA, California, Florida, Texas, Las Vegas, UK, South Africa, UAE, Dubai and many others, to serve our CustomersIn today's competitive Real Estate Market, timing is everything. Many good homes are sold before they are ever advertised. Beat other Home Buyers to the hottest new homes for sale with our Listings Notification. When you register yourself on our System as Buyer or Seller, we will be able to quick respond to inform you about available stock.

If you own Real Estate that you're thinking of selling, we would be happy to provide you with a free Home Evaluation. Whether you are buying or selling a home, hire someone like us, who wants to earn your business, will be the wisest decision you can make in these regards. We invite you to contact us as we would be happy to assist you with this important transaction.

In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate, please Contact Us, as I am more than willing to help. Please browse our Property Listings, Blogs, Local News and important Real Estate information.